Hometown stands for Friendly Service at Fair Prices.

Here are answers to some questions you might have:

Q: What day will Hometown pick up my garbage?
A: Friday

Q: What time do I have to have my garbage out?
A: By 7: 00 AM

Q: What sizes of carts does Hometown offer?
A: 35, 65, and 95 gallon

Q: Where can I purchase Hometown garbage tags?
A: Trimont City Hall
    41 2nd Avenue NW
    Trimont, MN 56176

Q: Do you offer recycling in my community?
A: Yes! Please have your recycling container out by 7:00 AM

     See recycling schedule for 2021

Q: Do I need to sort my recycling?
A: No

Q: How does a holiday affect my pick-up day?

A: See pick-up schedule for 2021

If you have any other questions PLEASE feel free to call us at 507-235-5665 or e-mail


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